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Three Types of Driving Jobs You Can Get

Careers Balanced 15 March, 2021

A driving job might be a perfect work opportunity for you if you're a quiet type who likes to travel and work alone. These are three driving opportunities that may interest you, and the requirements you need to meet to obtain such jobs:

Auto Parts Delivery Driver

Auto parts delivery drivers usually spend their days driving car parts from one repair shop to the next. Some drivers may make home deliveries, as well. These people engage in staging and loading parts, delivering those parts, and collecting payments from the auto shops. Stores offer part-time and full-time delivery driver positions. You can obtain a job as an auto parts driver if you have a license and a clean driving record. You do not have to have experience in the automotive field, but it helps.

Truck Driving

Truck driving might be right for you if you want to earn an above-average salary and travel frequently. It might be perfect for you if you want to drive a large truck, as well. Truck drivers work for various corporations taking their products across the country. These jobs usually require CDL licensing. However, many of the companies that hire drivers invest in helping to get them trained. Truck drivers typically earn $20 to $50 an hour and have amazing benefits packages. The only downside is that they often spend a lot of time away from home.

Medical Transportation

A medical transportation job might be good for you if you're more sociable, and you like helping people. You can get a job driving people back and forth to their medical appointments, surgical procedures, and mental health appointments. The medical transportation field is extremely diverse. Therefore, you might find yourself working with pregnant people, disabled individuals, people who are having cosmetic procedures, and more. Medical transportation jobs may be CDL or non-CDL positions. Many non-CDL positions are available.

These are some opportunities you can seek during your next work search. Don't be afraid to complete some applications if you see something that interests you. You never know when you'll be the next chosen employee.