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How to Document Volunteer Work on a Resume

Careers Balanced 16 April, 2021

When creating a strong resume, you want to include anything that will strengthen the image you are trying to portray to the hiring manager. Sometimes volunteer work can help you accomplish this. Keep reading to find out how to document volunteer work on a resume.

Use Only Relevant Information

The most important thing to remember is that all volunteer work may not need to be added. The only volunteer work you should add to your resume will be work that is relevant to the position you are applying to, or the skills you are listing about yourself. You may also consider adding volunteer work to a resume if the organization you worked with is somehow connected to the company you are applying to or if you worked under someone who is connected to the company. The point is that the volunteer work should be strongly related to the company or the position.

Add Details

It is important that you detail exactly what it was about your volunteer work or experience that will be useful or beneficial in the role you are applying for. Did you learn skills during this work? Did you gain experience which will help you to better complete the tasks of the role you are applying to? Once you have decided to add the volunteer work to your resume, it is crucial that you detail exactly how that time and that work will make you a good addition to this particular company in this particular position.

Be Honest

It is important not to use phony or bloated volunteer experience to beef up a weak resume. If you do this, it will eventually come to light. This usually happens during the interview. Hiring managers are trained to spot phony references to experience. In the long run, this will simply be embarrassing for you and will not help you accomplish the goal at all. Stay honest.

Volunteer work can be a powerful addition to your resume. Use these tips to document the work accurately.